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Owned new since January of 2008. Overall, it has been a great truck. It has a lot of miles on it and I intend to get alot more. Currently this truck has 410K miles on it. I will list out the service work and parts replaced down at the end. I have taken care of this truck more so under the hood then anywhere else. Unfortunately, this truck was never parked under a covering and Toyota Super White # 2 does not do well in full sun. The good news is I hit a deer (small damage) and I currently have this truck in the body shop getting all the dings aquired through the years along with a full paint job! Oh, the good news is I just need to come out of pocket a little more and cover my 500 deductable. Pays to have full coverage. I had to take my truck first to the camper shell company and have them remove it so the paint job will be better and the camper shell needed some minor repairs too. Now on to the good stuff:

Current Status:
- Original Engine - no engine guts work
- Orignal Transmission - No work done except for early on preventative maint. - acutally, I dont touch the oil in it anymore. I did 3 flushes on the way to 200K but none since. You may feel a slight downshift after stopping at a redlight but its not hard. And, its best to let the truck run for 1 minute before shifting so that it doesnt hesitate before moving.
- Runs strong
- Sounds strong
- Drinks too much gas
- Small leak - Prob the cam tower - I put nearly 2 quarts of Lucus Oil Leak Stop - Hope it works, otherwise expensive job. What I do know is I have had a few other small leaks here and there (valve cover, oil filter housing) Fixed those and it starts leaking somewhere else. If I fix this will it start leaking elsewhere again?

Preventative Maint.
- Royal purple 5W20 every 7K to 10K miles since 25K mark
- Lucas Grease
- Royal purple Rear Diff

Replaced Parts:

- 4WD did go out early around 150K. I hardly even used it. Went to put it in 4WD but just didn't sound or feel right. Took it to dealer and they fixed (replaced the entire setup) it under an extended warranty I had with them. Well, acutally they did me a little favor while I did them a huge favor by keeping my lips shut on a major foul-up they did earlier to a more major component on my truck. All I can say is Toyota Tundar 5.7 engine is one tough cookie cause any other manufacture may have blown something.

- Radiator (started leaking around 200K)

- Starter (gave out at 295K - I heard the warning signs but ignored them and had to get my first and only tow)

- Oil Pan (around 200K my oil pan drain bolt hold stripped out from all the oil changes. Instead of re-tapping I just replaced the pan. I have paid more attention to the tightening and have had no issue since)

- Alternator - (gave out around 275K, I was near a car parts store so walked to store, bought new battery (needed one of those too), and barely made it to my mechanic! Had to buy a new one. Cant find refurb. but I do have the old one and I having it refurb now for the future.)

- AC Compressor (around the 350K mark the AC quit blowing cold - new compressor fixed it. Thank goodness it was just March.)

- Tensioner Pully X 2 (sqealing)

- Belt X 3 (Preventative)

- Broken Rear Shock (around 350K - I didnt even know it was broken. Mechanic showed me while replacing brakes. It didn't affect the ride that I could tell - Went ahead and replaced both of them - they were Bilstein and I bought new Bilstein for them - not sure if they are "an upgrade")

- Tailgate Handle (my fault - I snatched it and it broke around 325K)

- 2 Sets of new Toyota Spark Plugs and 1 set of tube seals

- 1 Set of air hoses

- 1 set of valve cover gaskets

- 4 Sets of complete brake jobs, front and rear and many pad swap outs and rotor turns

- 4 Duralast Gold Batteries

- 5 sets of Michelin Tires (thats 20 tires X $ 225 per tire = $$$$ BUT, I NEVER had a blow out. I have had only 2 punctures but I keep a patch kit and air pump so did not stop me much)

- 4 Service Manual Books

- 2 new rear bumpers (backed into a loading dock and got rearended once)

- 1 new front bumper (bumped into low block wall in parking lot)

- Both front headlights from certifit - much better looking truck without the bad haze on the lens

- Both rear taillights - Bump them with conduit and they break.

- Borla Exhast clamps started loosening and would not stay clamped. They sent me all new cat back pipes and new clamps.
2008 Toyota Tundra (White)


- TRD Intake
- Bora Dual Exhaust
- Seat Covers!
- ARE Fiberglass Top with Tool Bins
- Bedslide
- Bilstean Rear Shocks
Wheel and Tire
Michelin AT2 Tires on factory wheels



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