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  1. Met a guy with over 400,000 on his tundra!!!!!

    Tundra General Discussion
    Owww $100k in gas. :| I sure hope that the truck was an absolute requirement for work. Otherwise he could have driven a Camry and saved $50k.
  2. Tundra Build: Forged Motor

    Tundra Performance Modifications
  3. Tundra DC drives into Gas Station

    Tundra General Discussion
    Looked more like he was trying to kill himself but all I did was watch the video.
  4. DIY Hidden OEM Antenna Mod

    Exterior Mods
    You might get better reception with the stubby. :-P
  5. anyone having rubbing issues with zone 5 inch lift

    Tundra Suspension Talk
    Just upload the picture to and post the link here for viewing.
  6. If you were buying a Tundra today??

    Tundra General Discussion
    Agreed but I still like it more than my old gen 2.
  7. This is the dealer's offer...

    Tundra General Discussion
    What's the offer?
  8. Tech12Volt really?

    Tundra Audio/Visual Discussion
    The head unit alone retailed for close to $2k. It was the highest model at the time. This was 4 years ago. EDIT: Well not $2k but it was expensive.
  9. Tech12Volt really?

    Tundra Audio/Visual Discussion
    Back in 2008/2009 I sent him about $3k for an entire setup including the box. At the time I was very new to the world of audio and he couldn't have been more helpful. He was very quick to get everything shipped. I had the box within a few weeks of ordering. The box was perfect and he even added...
  10. Truck not driven for months at a time

    Tundra General Discussion
    I hate to say it but you might consider selling your baby and buying a new model later when you need it. You're only going to lose value while it sits there.
  11. Rear Ended and PLEASED!

    Tundra General Discussion
    What did the dealer end up telling you?
  12. Laser/ Radar Detector

    Tundra General Discussion
    Been using my V1 for years now. If the cop is leaving his radar constantly on you'll have plenty of time to relax and break. Instant on and laser is where it gets tough. Speed in packs and always follow a rabbit and you'll be fine.
  13. Love my Tundra but..

    Tundra General Discussion
    Not to mention they're used engines as well.
  14. Found out the Tundra won't go over 115MPH

    Tundra General Discussion
    I never did max out the truck when I had it... Might of come close to 100 a few times but usually downhill. Has anyone compared both the truck speedometer and a GPS speedometer to see the difference? On my Ninja I had the speedo reaching 185mph but from everything I've read that usually means...
  15. No Factory to with Factory to Aftermarket controls

    Tundra Audio/Visual Discussion
    Here's a tutorial on how to do it with a Toyota Corolla. I'm sure the process is going to be similar but it's by no means simple. DIY Steering wheel control add-on for CE/LE 2010 Corolla <UPDATED 8/3/2011> - Toyota Nation Forum : Toyota Car and Truck Forums The product link Crutchfield sent you...
  16. No Factory to with Factory to Aftermarket controls

    Tundra Audio/Visual Discussion
    Oops.. Double post.
  17. Saying goodbye to the Tundra

    Tundra General Discussion
    Yeah I made the same switch. :\
  18. Awesome slim sub for the tundra!

    Tundra Audio/Visual Discussion
    I don't have as strong of an urge now that I can't get the twofer. lol
  19. Can my dnx9990hd auto pair?

    Tundra Audio/Visual Discussion
    I have a Kenwood 8120 and after setting it up once it auto pairs each time I enter the car. I'll have to take a look when I'm home to see if there was a setting but I don't think there is. Just make sure to leave your bluetooth on.
  20. What do you do for a living?

    Off-Topic Discussion
    Information Assurance Specialist ... or Computer Security
1-20 of 325 Results