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  • chuckyb ·
    You look like you live in an area with real weather. How are your Fox's holding up to the salt, etc? I'm likely upgrading suspension this spring but man, everywhere I see fox's, kings, icon, billys just rusted to shit after 1 winter.
    Krazyjhawk ·
    Hey, I saw your comment on a forum about LT295/65R20 tires, you said you have them and they dont rub?? I am thinking about putting them on my 2012 with a leveling kit. I currently have T295/60R20 Nitto M/T and they only rub when i back up and turn the steering wheel all the way. If you have them, let me know what you think
    xtyfighterx ·
    Thanks man yes auto dip is a perfect color match its glossy and looks like oem paint and its holding up well no problems with it. I sprayed it with the bumpers on just masked everything
    Duffman76 ·
    Hey man, awesome Tundra you've got there! I also have a black crewmax. Just installed fox 2.5 resi and TC UCA last weekend. Now I need to get rid of the chrome!

    I see you prefer the autodip vs plastidip. Is it that better of a color match, more durable, or both? Also, did you spray the auto dip on while the bumper ends were on the truck or just mask everything off?

    Skiddy ·
    I went ahead and pulled the trigger on the MM 970's. I have a black limited CM and they match up so well on your black CM that I couldnt find another wheel I liked better.
    You didnt have to change from factory lug nuts did you?
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