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  • planomateo ·
    Not really sure to be honest. If Bama shows up, we are unbeattable.

    Square is being a leader telling them to refocus, so we'll see where that gets us.

    As always, hope for the best and Roll Tide.
    KoolAidMan ·
    the attic is no problem. our unit is approximately 3 1/2" x 14" x 16" and it'll deliver continuos hot water until you turn it off. the wife will love you even more as she can take a hot shower for as long as she wants and it won't use up all the hot water.
    KoolAidMan ·

    yes we have a tankless hot water heater. and we are in the process of adding another one for the far end of the house. the one we have now runs off three 220 circuits in the main panel. the new additional one will only require two 220 circuits as it is a bit smaller. the brand is called elton striebel. the model numbers are 36 plus and 24 plus. these things rock. that's the thing with a good electric model... you either have to have space on your main panel or wire in a sub panel off the main panel.
    dikkie ·
    Hey Jason,

    thanks for asking about the online tundra-business..!! it's taking of slowly, economy is bad in this little country so people keep their hands on the wallet... i however have the feeling that it will bring in some money, at the moment i'm working on advertising and getting more tags in the searchmachines... :lol:

    it will come, it's a matter of patience..!!

    ( been out of the country for work so i have been slacking some, lately... )

    :D Dirk :D
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