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  • Jack McCarthy ·
    If it's evening, you can go to the "Top of the Hub" restaurant at the top of the Prudential Center and get a great view of Boston. The restaurant is a little pricey though.

    During the day, most people visit Faneuil Hall marketplace aka Quincy market for shopping, dining and some entertainment. There are also street performers in Harvard Square in Cambridge. Easy to get to via the 'T' aka MBTA subway. There's also the "duck boat" tour which you might enjoy riding in an amphibious vehicle going through downtown streets and then cruising through Boston Harbor.

    Depending upon what time of day, I may be able to meet up with you for a drink or coffee.
    Mr. Creosote ·
    Is this the same H&S tuner you used with the Dodge?

    Have you deleted emissions on the Ford, or used emissions-in-place tuning?

    Problems continue with Duramax. I am scared to delete until the problems are resolved. Now the regens occur every 190 km. When the truck was new, regens occurred every 600 km or more. Dealer always says there is nothing wrong, but there must be something wrong to explain the more frequent regens.
    Tuurtje ·
    I love it. By far the best I've ever owned. Quality outstands the Dodge easily. I like the engine the most. They could have named it smooth instead of scorpion...
    Dim Sum ·
    Howdy. I ran a tune on my 6.4...never on the 6.7. The guys who do run tunes say its maybe good for 1mpg...not much. The 6.4 was good for 3-4 mpg...but the 6.7 is quite a bit more efficient. How is the truck doing?
    Jack McCarthy ·
    Thanks, Arthur! Happy B-day to you! I'm still waiting to see if anyone from my family calls to wish me a Happy Birthday....I'm willing to bet I'll get a call at 10pm before I go to bed.
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