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  • Jc23 ·
    you get all those pics? sorry to blow u up but excited to share with someone since my mac sucks.... not sure if light bar on top of cab was too much.. was last minute decision...
    thanks again for all ur help... hope i can figure out what the problem is by the time i get back in town with the truck!
    GMC ·
    Hey tundrakountry thanks for the friendship request I will be offline for about a week will talk to you then but thanks for the request.
    dikkie ·
    congrats on your birthday, old man..!! :)

    wow, 109 years old, you're older than me... heck, you should be able to remember the first T-ford coming out of the factory..!! :lmao:

    have a great day my friend and enjoy it, let the daycare nurse take good care of you..!! :woot:

    :D dikkie :D
    dikkie ·
    hey brother,

    thanks for asking, i have been and still am busy helping my gf decorating her new apartment... we have some serious delay in doing so because her grandmother is in a very bad situation and probably won't live another month or two... not that remarkable knowing she's 88 yr/old but still, we have been with grandma a lot, lately...

    you doing okay..?? ( damn time difference, i was about to get to bed but this was the first time i found some time to fool around... still, it's 2:10 in the night here... :-( )
    yotaforce ·
    No I havent got the train horn installed. I am taking it back to get a tonneu cover right now. It was too big for anywhere on the truck. Will have to wait till it has BDS 7" lift under it.
    xxxxxxtomahawk ·
    I will not stand for that type of rhetoric. I'm done here.
    dikkie ·
    hey brother,

    thanks for letting me know about the guy in rotterdam..!! appreciate that..!! i sent you a friends request too..!!

    have a great weekend and thanks again..!!

    :D dikkie :D
    koditten ·
    I got no problem adding you to my friend list. The only problem I have is you got no info in your profile. We like to see a little something to compare ourselves with other members.

    Take a few minutes and add a few pictures and some likes and dislikes. Nothing fancy, just something to check outwhen we visit you page.

    I love checking my profile visits everytime I submit a post. Everytime I submit a post, i get 10 visits to my profile page. I do the same with others and I get disappointed every time I look at a personal profile and there is no info.

    Anyways, adding you as a friend now...I will be checking back to look at your profile:)


    Tundra Farmer ·
    Yea, I have just been going through a little bit of a rough patch here after graduation and looking for a job. I have not had internet the last couple months. I will be back soon though.
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