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  • hdzeke ·
    Hey there!

    I have been reading your alignment thread and I'm having some issues and wanted your opinion. I have a 2014 Limited Crew 4x4. I just put +35 XD 779 rims on with Nitto Ridge Grappler 285/65/18s. Had an alignment done twice and noticied wear on outside and steering wheel was off. Took it to another place and told them I have the 5100s on the highest setting. They did the alignment and said the toeing was off. I didn't get the printoff so I don't have the numbers. After they did it the steering wheel was all but pefect but I'm still noticing wear on the outside edge of the front tires.

    I saw you had some recommended settings but wasn't sure if they applied to my year. Could you please send me your recommendations that I can take to the alignment place and have them compare what I have to what you recommend.

    I would really appreciate your help.

    mainecorrado ·
    Thanks Phil, i'll see if I can get the pics you asked for. Is it worth going back to Town Fair Tire who did the original alignment or should I find another shop to fool with it. I don't know what is standard practice as far as messing with numbers if they are already "within spec".
    mainecorrado ·
    good morning!

    I've been reading your alignment thread and trying to learn a little more before asking any questions. I'm usually pretty good with mechanical stuff but this alignment stuff has my head spinning. Last week i installed Bilstein 5100's on highest setting with a 1.5" block in rear. took truck to get alignment and it all came back within spec except for right caster is 1.4. It was 1.4 before and after alignment. I put new tires on after alignment that are 1" taller overall, same width. I have 200 miles on new setup. truck drives like new, does not pull, wheel is centered, no vibrations at all. If you looked at my specs, could you give me a second opinion? truck is a 2015 CM 4x4. I just spent $1000 on tires, I want them to last as long as their supposed to!

    I appreciate any advice.

    carsonG ·
    Okay I received my headers and they are MILES better in quality than the pacesetters I had on my ol pickup, and the flanges are flat as they could be I'll look into that thanks! I'll probably have them installed the weekend after.
    Shustz ·
    I've seen on here that you are the alignment guru for the tundra. I'm getting ready to install the 6112s on top setting with 2 CB shims on each side for about 3.5" of lift in the front, and CB +3 shackles in the rear. I plan on putting 20x9 wheels with a +20 offset while running 295/60 20 tires. My truck is a 2016 4X4 crewmax 5.7. I plan on taking it to a shop somewhere in Cincinnati, Oh and was wondering if you had the specs that I need to tell them to align it to rather than the stock Toyota specs.

    Thanks a lot,
    TRDCrewMax ·
    Hi, I'm Rick.

    You contacted me on YouTube regarding my loud exhaust. I am trying to quiet the truck down and this is my second full exhaust system trying to do just that. I am now cat-less (AFR bung installed in header) and while we got rid of the drone, the loudness at throttle is just too much. I am leaning toward replacing the two 20" round mufflers with something that will just eat some noise. It a nice system that sound good though. Also I am trying to lean out this motor. IT's PIG rich...brutal. ANy help is appreciated. My exhaust guys were laughing at me friday when we swapped out the magna drone! They said it's gonna still be loud! Hmmm.

    Jmention ·
    Hello socal I am curious to know do you still have the corsa exhaust installed on your
    truck with the long tubes and no cats if so how loud is it? I have magnaflow on right now but isnt the sound I want I love the corsa but dont know with the long tubes if it will be ridiculously loud were you slightly give it gas and it sounds like a dragster. I saw your youtube video with the headers and corsa and wanted to know how that sounded during daily driving and if you left the corsa on or did anything to change it. Thanks im wanting to go back to Corsa from my magnflow but just not sure.
    jimfountain ·
    Hi... I am trying to install a backup camera with a overhead console LCD (sunglass replace) on my 2008 SR5 Tundra DC. It is pre-wired so should be straight forward.... except I also upgraded to a homelink rearview mirror earlier so I don't think I can hook it up as the white plug is being used.. At least Sparks Toyota said I will have to choose. Somewhere else on the forum it was mentioned that you provided wiring info to help someone in a similar fix... Any pointers?


    [email protected] ·
    Hey Phil,

    Settling in here. Just got my truck yesterday. Loving it here. Dream job and location. I am working for the VA helping eligible vets get the grants they are entitled to. How you doing, buddy. Did your wife find a new job or is she taking a break. I recall you got a steady job with a established company. How is that going for you?

    dikkie ·
    you made me blush, buddy..!! it's a happy feeling to know we think alike about friendship..!! :yesnod:

    bedtime for me, enjoy your birthday broski..!! :woot:

    :D dikkie :D
    dikkie ·
    hey phil, let me be the first to congratulate you on your birthday..!!

    congratulations my friend, i hope this year will be a year filled with good news, prosperity for you and your family and God's blessings on your continuous caring for all the people that need some extra attention..!!

    have a great day, my friend..!!

    :D dikkie :D
    socaliallstar ·
    OK! went to home depot to buy some more butt splices and got it right the second time. Kinda freaked me out for a second. But everything is working perfectly and the light went away! thanks again so much man. 2 years looking at that damn light. lol.
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