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  • dirtydeeds ·
    Hi Todd, really sorry for the delay. TT doesn't email when I get a visitior message so they tend to be 'outta sight outta mind'. Give a call if we haven't already discussed your particular issues.

    But for anyone else lookin: Plz. don't use a spacer type of leveling kit on the front of a Tundra. The front end has a design which doesn't work well with this sort of lift. For a very cost effective alternative look into some Procomp Pro Runner SS shocks, or Bilstein 5100's.

    On a side note, wheel off set matters as much as lift height when trying to squeeze bigger rubber under the truck. The closer to 0 or - you go the higher you will need to lift. The closer to + you go the lower you can be.

    A known combo is about 3" lift, +50 off set and 35's. But if you want to kick around ideas about a specific set up give a call. 760-877-4234
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