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  • Desert Dawg ·

    Your PM settings are not allowing me to respond to your PM to me. I cannot post my response here since it limits the amount of characters, so you need to check your PM settings and let me know when I can respond.

    But in short, please don't run a 2-inch spacer on top of the preloaded coils; you will severely limit both the downward and upward travel of your front shocks, you need a front diff drop, your UCAs will not be happy, and your ride will be horrible. If you never ever go offroad or on dirt roads and truly have a pavement princess, you'll be fine until you hit a pothole or speedbump at speed. If you preload the Fox's at their max setting of 3-inches, your ride is going to be very stiff and have limited wheel travel due to the increased compression. I have more to share when your PM is turned back on.

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