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  • restosud ·
    fyi:if you install a magnuson,your oem toyota warranty will be void.magnuson provides their own which is limited in it's coverage.
    MallWheeler ·
    After talking to a dealer the only way to keep my warranty is to purchase a new magnuson and have them install it.
    I'm gonna go ahead with my lift,tires,rims and flares at this point.
    Hope I didnt waste to much of your time.

    MallWheeler ·
    A few questions.
    I see you installed it in 09 and you only put 28k on it?
    As far as getting the ECU reflashed I'm assuming the dealer wont do it and I'd have to get a UniChip?
    And there's the matter of my warrenty. I'll talk to the dealer either Sat. or Mon. and see what they have to say.
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