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  • Powertechn2 ·
    It's cool, no biggie... I have had several people ask about my set-up all at once and pm box was full, I did some cleaning :lol5:
    blktxtundra ·

    Sorry to bug you, I tried to PM you but your in box is full.

    I have the same truck you do. 2011 CM RW. I am about to order the Rancho's Quicklift loaded struts and was wondering if you are happy with them. I work for a Toyota parts department here in Houston. We get a great discount on stuff from 4wheel parts. I can get the fronts for $146 ea. and the rears for $77 ea. Is that price worth the trouble of swapping the coils over? If you had to do it all again would you still get the Ranchos? My other option is OME, but they are more expensive, even after my discount.

    Thanks in advance for your help.
    socal57chevy ·
    I honestly don't remember, but somewhere there is a tab to upload pics to your "garage"
    I'll see if I can figure it out again and pm you. I looked on my profile and my garage shows up under my friends box, but I don't remember how it got there.
    Powertechn2 ·
    lol, not even close hahaha, I'm in Michigan, just noticed I had a pm...

    I just suffer from insomnia and find the interwebs a way to waste boredom while unable to sleep
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