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  • Grn8 ·
    Sorry for late response bud. The 315/70r18 I ran on my 2wd truck with spindle and 5100 on lowest setting and clear the body mount. I really had to cut a good punt off the front bumper which it wasn’t a big issue for me. I deleted the mud flaps and also the bumper guard that bolts to the bumper. Never had an issue with water or anything. It did rob some power of truck due to the tire bein pretty heavy and 13” wide. You just get a Speedo recalibrator. If you don’t your shift points will be out of wack. Remember I ran a spindle which gave me 3.5” and 5100 on lowest setting. So I was a tad over 4”. Hope this helps. Feel free to ask away.
    Coachbuilder1 ·
    Awesome, send over a link when you have min and I'll check it out. 614's should settle within 200+ miles. if you're sitting low on the driver side still one shim will do the trick. They'll provide .50" of total lift per shim. Send over your email address and I'll get you a invoice. thanks!

    SR5Crew ·
    I understand it. I got burnt out as well, But yes I am glad I stayed long enough o
    to get a retirement. I miss some small things but I am the kind of guy that does not forget the bad as well. you know..
    SR5Crew ·
    GREAT truck man.. I might have some questions and advise needed melt downs if your willing to pass along any and all HELP!! ha ha
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