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  1. First 1000 miles, what's your Avg MPG?

    Tundra General Discussion
    5.7 DC at 1700mi, 14.0mpg @ 90% highway
  2. Pic Heavy : 2014 DC rear seat removal and sound deadening install

    Interior Mods
    removed my DC seats the other day by just taking out the 6 bolts from the seat brackets and the 1 for the shoulder strap. only takes 10min. you can slide the whole thing out at once.
  3. ** New England Tundra Club **

    Tundra Clubs
    add another VT'r to the club?
  4. Anyone towing with the nitto trail grapplers?

    Tundra Towing & Hauling
    Had a set on my f150 and they felt the same. Effect of 19/32 tread depth I think. There is also a warning sticker that comes on the tire stating they "perform different in emergency situations". Honestly they'll feel only slightly better after 40k miles.
  5. Anybody running skyjacker Leafs?

    Tundra Suspension Talk
    any update?
  6. Ome ld + d28xl

    Tundra Suspension Talk
    Thanks. Just to be clear they recommend the 614 with the rear leaf pack plus the aal. AAL to offset the static sag. Rear pack for lift. They say all their kits have rake built in?? Saw a post on TS where a guy got 4" rear lift with the same combo in an empty truck.
  7. Ome ld + d28xl

    Tundra Suspension Talk
  8. Ome ld + d28xl

    Tundra Suspension Talk
    Running a sled deck on my 2014 5.7 DC. With just the deck stock suspension sits level. Deck weights about 350lbs. Looking to do a small lift plus reduce static sag. Talked to OME and they suggested the LD kit PLUS the AAL D28XL to remove the static sag. Anyone else running a similar combo?
  9. New Tundra Owner

    New Member Introductions
    ready to play. needs the ome kit asap.
  10. New Tundra Owner

    New Member Introductions
    Just purchased an 2014 Tundra DCab 6.5', Offroad. Rare find with bench seat and column shifter !