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  • Juju2258 ·
    Wow now, I had a similar problem when I installed a new battery. To my knowledge if the red battery light on the dash is On then it is Not you alternator! Because my truck was dead for about a week the computer reset itself and it couldn't compensate for all of the dust and dirt inside the throttle body. My battery light was on and according to computer diagnostics the alternated wasn't carrying the charge. I found it quit odd myself but Once I cleaned the throttle body fired right up and everything was back to normal. Highly recommend you do that first.
    Art64 ·
    Hello. The battery light is lit up on the dash and no charge is showing on the dash voltmeter. I hooked up a voltmeter on the B terminal of the alternator and ground and no voltage is showing. The ignition is off. The fuse for the alternator is the one enclosed in a plastic case with the glass top. How do I access the actual fuse to test it with multimeter.

    I just want to make sure the fuse is not blown before I replace the alternator. Thanks.

    toyotakid ·
    hi mendonsy; do you have any pictures showing where the crash sensors are located
    diagrams. or something

    where do you get your diagrams and pictures?
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