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  • rockstate45 ·
    Dude! Long time no talk! I'm good these days. Working hard in the finance world now. Switched from banking which is nice. What's the word with you? When said you go inactive and come back? Still int he same truck? BTW the tundra lives on but now he an older brother. 1997 Lexus lx450. Thing is a beast.
    dikkie ·
    hey maylon,

    that's some serious surgery you went through... i hope you will recover and be a lot better afterwards, i knew you were forced to stop working in what you loved most, that sucks...

    let's hope 2012 brings less ( or even better no ) pain and you can again move yourself without being cautious on every move you make..!!

    these days are going to be tough for me, i am at the moment going through a divorce with my wife and eventhough we will be keeping on working together, it has a major impact in our private lifes...

    i will however do all i can to keep the spirit up and have good times with the kids and wife..!!

    saw the pic, you will be checked out on every airport now..!! preferably by young and good looking female custom personel..!! :D

    hang in there bud, you will be fine..!!

    :D dikkie :D
    TRD-X ·
    I'm doing ok you know we have the same problem just living with it. ;)
    The question is are you going to login over here more seeing how we are all here? :dunno:

    Don't forget to start a thread in the new members area to unlock your profile. Jim
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