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    I've been reading the mid travel forum here wanted to ask a question about shipping ADS to Canada. I built the complete mid-travel kit with 2.5's, deavers and 600lb springs in the kit you make for a 2016 Tundra CM.

    I drive a lot of bad roads with logging and oilfield truck potholes, plus some trail runs out in western Canada a couple times a year. I've been looking at an Icon Stage 5 or 7, but I wondered if you ship to Canada (Calgary, Alberta), or have a dealer anywhere in Montana? I can drive down to Montana and get them.

    Would you recommend the basic 2.5's? Or clickers and bypass rears? Bypass might be overkill for what I need.

    Thanks for the time and advice.

    Good Afternoon,
    Just wanted to check your shop out and see the real deal ADS coilovers. I'm in Vegas for 3 weeks on "business". I'll be free mornings until 2pm
    Thanks for Your Time
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