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  • Bo-Hunter ·
    Hi Kevin,

    My name is Greg, I have a couple of Tundra's a daily diver a 2017 Crewmax and a recently purchased 2009 RW that I am turning into a project truck. I respect the heck out you and all of the guys in your group, I wished I lived out west again. Anyway long story short I noticed that the suspension you are currently running is similar to what I was planning on, at least for a few years. How does your MT suspension do compared to the others in your group with the LT suspension. I originally wanted to go LT and understand the suspension on yours is not cheap but not quite the cost of a full LT. Specifically on your ICON 3.0's up front any regrets ? Do you wish you went full LT ? How do you think the 3.0 Coilovers handle everything and how would they would run one just by themselves and two with just a regular 2.5 secondary vs the Omega by-pass ? The truck is currently at my body guy as SDHQ fiber glass.

    Thank You

    Great Scott ·
    Hey Kevin, What do you have your Bilstein 5100s set on? Did you do anything to the back?

    I'm getting them installed on my 14 in a week and don't want to screw up the stance by putting them to low.

    Did you do anything else to get the stance you have on your 14?

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