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  • bbq247265 ·
    How much and what brand is your topper/camper/shell or whatever they call the item over your bed in your parts? Really like the look and looking to buy one for me, thank you very much for your time.
    flippindrew ·
    They are one of the biggest dealers in KY so they may chip in some funds to put together a good event or something. I mean, if your a salesman, how good is it to bring a prospect in to see a crap load of happy owners?
    flippindrew ·
    Well, I had talked briefly with a guy at my local dealer about getting an owners gathering together or something. My service lady there is the one that see's and knows all of the owners. Whatcha think? Should we try again?
    Jmention ·
    Hello BRX I am curious to know how your headers are holding up? Do you ever have any issues with them leaking at the flange of the nuts at the flange loosening or have they been trouble free since install?
    MtnWarrior ·
    Good Good my friend! thought about writing you the other day but i have finals next week and got distracted! Still testing for jobs! Soon to test in San Diego, applied on the hawaiian island of Kauai for a job! who knows im up for an adventure! Got a vacation planned to Cabo San Lucas in May and i cant wait to go party! HAHAHA how you been my man?!
    RedBullistic ·
    Hey Josh,
    Staying busy here. Working on a few more mods. Check the Bammuffler thread. Looks like Keith (dirtydeeds) might be interested in your headers / exhaust.. No I'm not on facebook bud.. Am I missing anything not being on there?
    cristafari ·

    I've been doing some research concerning exhaust for my '07 5.7 and you seem to be quite knowledgeable or could refer me to someone. I currently have dual exhaust that comes out behind the tires on both sides. The drivers side recently fell off on the interstate, so I'm thinking of replacing the entire system and muffler via my local shop. He stated he'd probably put on 2.5", but I hear 2.25" may be the best. To make things even more confusing, it seems my current system is 2" or 2.125". I have some 8"x2.25" powder coated "camaro" style tips that will be installed (2.5" inlet) but I don't want to lose any power on the low end by using too large a pipe. I have an aFe CAI, so I have a little extra power under the hood. What are your thoughts? Should I match what is currently on the truck and just add the new muffler, or should I go with the 2.25 or 2.5? Thanks for all of the help, man!

    Tundras Forever,

    rockstate45 ·
    Dang dude! Congrats man! How long you been dating this girl?

    You'll have to send some pics my way of the lightbars that you fabricate up. I can't wait to hear how you mount those things. Now, I have a question for ya though. Those rigids all that everybody cracks 'em up to be? They look badass.
    rockstate45 ·
    Haha you got that right! What are you doing for work these days? Got a girlfriend these days? Those are the real time vacuums!
    rockstate45 ·
    Man I'm well! I don't have the time to be on here at all... Or respond to text messages, but that's alright haha. How you been? You end up finding a job? Seems like we were in the same boat a while ago haha
    Casper 07 ·
    Hey Josh, thanks alot bro, its a work in progress..but coming along slowly..its cool when fellow tundra guys like urself give me props..makes me think all the work and $$ is worth it...:D

    Hows things with you bro...hows the Dirty Dodge :lol5: coming along.?
    RedBullistic ·
    All is good on my end. Just got back from sunny San Diego. (As Jim jbroas say's) Sandy Eggo lol. It was sweet to come home to my truck. But first day to work I recieved a check engine light. I have an appointment with my Yota Doctor this friday.. I have some catching up to do on here. What did I miss? How's it been with you buddy ?
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