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  • Dragos28 ·
    Thanks, yes i'm actually really happy with the storage bin... i now have a 12" subwoofer in it, on the bigger side of the bench.

    the fit is perfect, and anyone sitting in the back seat wont be bothered by the bin.

    I dont know about the 3d floor mats, i have some cheap knockoffs that i use... dont know how far under the seat the 3d mats go.
    jimjames ·
    I hear you! We are living the good life these days! 42+years with a major class one railroad as a engineman / trainman out on the West Coast. Nice not being plugged into a phone 24/7. Many a good year(s) of retirement to you. ENJOY!!
    MetalMonkey ·
    Retirement ~ I recommend it to all my friends!
    Did my time (34 years) in the sheet metal construction business and was lucky enough to draw a decent retirement check. I never figured I'd see the day where they paid me for staying home!
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