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  • Tuurtje ·
    I don't have any time schedule but when we are there or if I know something more I'll let you know by a PM...

    Looking forward going to Chicago...
    UnCivilEng ·
    Hey Jack. Happy birfday!

    I have been busy. I started grad school (online) and it has my head spinning. I'm not used to doing homework :rolleyes:
    Tuurtje ·
    I'm visiting Chicago june 6th and start travelling from there to Moline to visit the John Deere plant. I was invited by JD and the journey stops in Vancouver the 14th. When we arrive in your home town we have a day off, is there something we should see during the evening ? We've been to Sears tower when we where there before. Any thoughts ??? Perhaps a cup a coffee at starbucks for a quick meet ??? If we are allowed. I don't have a travelling plan from JD but it's hosted all the way...
    dikkie ·
    hi jack,

    it must be my memory, i have a lot on my mind ( the only positive thing is the gf and i are doing well together ) and i just didn't remember...

    next year i will for sure remember..!! hope you had a great day and "get some"... :lol:
    dikkie ·

    happy birthday my friend..!! :woot:

    i noticed your mentioning the not feeling the love in arthur's birthday thread... :(

    i didn't see your name mentioned on the front page and had no clue... :dunno:


    ( thank god for the huge time difference..!! :D )

    :D dikkie :D
    KoolAidMan ·
    how's jack these days? hope you're doing great my friend and it's good to cut up with you again. and go celtics! when it comes to basketball my blood has always run green!!!
    UnCivilEng ·

    Watched the Rise of the Planet of the Apes and it was pretty good, IMO. How's the Blu-Ray player working for you?
    KoolAidMan ·
    howdy jack! good to connect again! if brady stays focused like he was yesterday then it'll keep rubbing off on everyone else and boston will be celebrating again in a few weeks. have you been boarding this year yet? i saw where there hasn't been much snow up your way this year yet. i'll be heading out to park city at the end of feb for a couple weeks. cheers bro!
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