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  • Big Tundra ·
    Just getting back with you- not sure if you found another installer. We have raised our price on these types, as you might know they are hell to get apart. The housings are normally pretty beat up from prying- as these type are sonic welded. They must be heated up multiple times to try to separate- but we can get them apart. Just warning that the housing will be beat up- nothing you will not see from the front, only the rear. Check out the price under our fees page under the Member's Guild. Thanks for your inquire. Joe
    whodahellisbobby ·
    Hi Bud,

    I wanted to touch base with you. on one of the treads you stated that you were able to purchase a DC 5.7l TRD for 32k? would it happen to be a 4x4 by chance? also what were the doc fees like over there? and which dealer did you purchase from? Thanks very much for any info you can give.
    tburandt ·
    Where did you have your leather seats installed? Also how much padding is in the door panel, it might seem small but on long trips I hate my 13 crewmax due to the pain I get from my elbow resting on the hard plastic door ledge. My wife's Hylander is the same
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