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  • germs087 ·
    2018 LED Headlight conversion harness group buy - I have been toying around with doing this mod for a couple months now. I was surfing around and noticed you had 40% off the harness which expired a few days ago. Any chance I can get that pricing? If so im in for 1.


    Aprater50 ·
    I'm interested in your retrofitting services. I have a 16 Quicksand pro. I took a look at some of the previous retrofits you have done and I'd like a Quicksand color matched similar to how you matched that Inferno Pro. What projectors were used in that setup? I would like to do the core exchange program for my Pro headlights. What is the wait right now?
    dandailey ·
    Hello there,
    Didn't you make a post with a couple budget retrofits you are offering? I can't seem to find it. Also it looks kind of difficult to install the hid wiring, is it?
    Alexander Byun ·

    I was just wondering if you could point me in the right direction here in regards to DRL's. I have a 2014 SR5 Tundra, and am trying to retrofit them with some LED DRL's along the bottom. I'm wanting to somehow put some type of light diffuser or LED tubing (im thinking uniform light instead of being able to see each LED bulb light). Anyways sorry for the long read. If you don't reply it's all good, if so It'd be greatly appreciated.

    Abctundra ·
    1lowlife told me to contact you as he said you are interested in buying headlights for retrofitting them. I have both the driver and passenger side stock headlights off a 2015 CM SR5 Tundra if you are interested. Let me know, thank you!
    5.7TundraTRD ·
    can i ask you a few questions about adding a LED DRL strip to an SR5 headlight? im trying to gather some info before i start this project.. thanks
    Slasher ·
    I am about 50 miles south of atlanta... and just bought my 2015 DC...

    I would love to bend your ear about lighting...
    I want to blacken up the lights as well as kick the lumens up 10-12 notches....
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