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  • ChrisTrucker290 ·
    hey man, you mentioned you used the dr. color chip kit. I heard it's not so great on matching metallic paint so I was wondering if you had any experience with that. I have a nautical blue metallic Tundra I'd be using it on.
    SD619 ·
    Hey Boudin- I'm a newb from San Diego.. saw your signature and like your wheels (are those FNR's) I wanted to see if you had any other pics or links to that I could check out your truck? Any help is greatly appreciated.


    Update: nevermind, just found the link to view... looks f'n nice!!
    MagneticRW ·
    I saw in your sig that you have the 7101 gibson system. How do you like it? how is the sound level, drone, or do you have any videos of the sound?
    [email protected] she is on another forum with me and she has and can make you anything! and they are badass looking I have seen several examples of here work...her name is Nikki, and tell here Tamu from TTZ sent ya... James
    tundraluvr07 ·
    Hey Boudin,

    I have a 07 DC also I bought it used a year and six months ago with 15,564 miles on it and now I'm at 60,000. But my question for you is what brand of spark plugs did use or have used during any tune ups. I'm sure I the original ones in my truck since it had the original Michelin tires on it. Any feedback would be highly appreciated at this time.

    Thanks in advance, Tundraluvr07
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