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  • Jkbniner9 ·
    I'm looking at a 2018 Highland Ridge LF295BHS. Dry weight is only 8,270 lbs. And fully loaded which it would never be is 9,995 lbs. Hitch weight is 1,320 lbs. With a payload capacity of 1,660, that leaves just 340 for fuel, passengers and incidentals to stay within the stated rating.

    Additional payload weights:

    Me - 215
    Wife - 120
    Kids - about 200 (right now)
    38 g. fuel - 228
    5th Wheel Receiver - 100?

    That puts me about 500 or so pounds over the "stated" payload rating but my guess is you are over as well and have experienced no problems. Was this achieved with major modifications or is the"stated" rating just very conservative?

    As for combined vehicle weight, Tundra weighs around 5,340 lbs. And trailer maxed out would be 9,995 lbs. So definitely under the combined weight rating of 16,000 lbs.

    Jkbniner9 ·

    Hope all is well. I saw your post where you have a fifth wheel. I purchased the Tundra with the intent to tow a fifth wheel but also knowing a TT may be necessary (although I hope not). I have a new '17 Tundra Crewmax 5.7L V8 2x4 with tow package. Towing capacity of 10,100 lbs. And a payload rating of 1,660 lbs.

    Couple of questions if you don't mind. I was curious as to a few of the specifics on what you are pulling and what your experience has been? I can see you pull a Heritage Glenn but can't determine the model to lookup weights, etc. Was hoping to gain some insight into what size load you have had success trailering. Secondly have you had to make any modifications to accommodate towing something that big? Having the tow package I think any modifications would be minimal, perhaps some airbags.

    to be cont. (over character limit)
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