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  • bigjohn1 ·
    For years I have experienced an intermittent vibration in my 2008 Tundra Crewcab. It happens from time to time at various speeds but usually around 50-60MPH. It has happened at neighborhood speeds. But check out the following:
    When it happens, I feel it in the steering wheel, pedal, seat and my GPS bumping against the windshield.
    I pull over, check everything and finding nothing, pull back into traffic and the vibration is gone!!!
    That eliminates tires, suspension, steering, and a lot of other things that don't fix themselves when I stop.
    I have balanced the tires, rotated the tires, balanced the driveshaft, rebuilt the brakes, checked the bed (for bed-bounce), replaced the torque converter (Toyota tech service bulletin), and just about anything else that could cause such vibration. Nothing has fixed it. I even left it with a local Service Manager to drive and he felt it, but could not pin-point the cause.
    Any ideas?
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