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  • Bobby B ·
    Yo Big!
    your truck is Legit and looks ****ing awesome! I think we're twins!
    I applaud you for having the insight and balls to cut and grind for the head turning look!
    Thanks to you you I'm going 37's on my next tire purchase! I think the fat wide shoulder pitbull stance looks by far better then the teeter totter look!
    And anyone who hates on you for tire choice, should buy your tires for you!
    I was going to lift my truck with the BP 12" lift but I can't afford it. But, I get so many compliments on my 2008 the way it is and it's so drive-able, I figure why spend 7k more and just get a super charger . . . . . . . . right!
    anyways kudos to you bro
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