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  • Crabby Hermit ·
    As moderator, is there any way you can fix my stupid user name? I mean, delete the User Name reference in my user name so that it reads "Crabby Hermit" and not "User NameCrabby Hermit"? Confusing? Yep, me too.

    UTTundra ·

    I posted a few threads on the For sale page but now they are all gone. Not sure why they would have been pulled. Any advice?
    TRDCrewMax ·
    Hey 2010! Love the new truck. My friend is getting the same one - same color too. He's pumped. Do you have any other pics? Good luck with it! -TRDCrewMax

    PS: I'm a right winger. Love the avatar! HA
    Tommy Tran ·
    Hey 2010,
    I understand you're the mod to talk to for the AZ club... as soon as my account is fully activated I'll post up in the thread to join the ranks here in Phx!
    OhBrothers ·
    Hi There, Im about to pull the trigger on the 2014 Smitty M1 bumper. Would you recommend it? How have yours held up to wear and tear? Powder coating quality? Thanks for your input.

    Ohbrothers (Anna)
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