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  • SR5Crew ·
    Hey I am looking for a side mirrors with turn signal indicator on the mirror side and the front for on coming traffic. It is for a 2015 crewmax. I heard the taco and 4runner have them and we could get a 4runner pair to put on ours what's your advice? ·
    Here is a link to the tow mirrors that we carry with power, heat, turn signals and smoked lenses. If your truck does not have the turn signal function from the factory they may not work.

    You could take a stock mirror off, flip the turn signal on and use a test light to see if the circuit is active and see if the test light blinks. Would be an easy way to find out.

    Here is a link to the tow mirrors

    Hope this helps you out,
    I have a 2017 SR5. I have power mirrors and heat. I have manual folding. Will I need to wire the turn signal?

    Thank you,

    BCNorth ·
    I am thinking of ordering towing mirrors for my 2015 Tundra. The biggest thing holding me back is the cost of shipping to Canada at $95 USD. The $114 price for these ones with shipping, then adding the exchange works out to $271 CDN.

    I found a place in Canada where I can get brand new OEM for $295 including shipping, but wanted to check to see if you could do anything on shipping, any cheaper options?

    Also, any idea if I would get dinged heavily from customs?

    Thanks in advance.
    djpaul ·
    Question about the order that I had placed online. I called customer service and was given a partnumber (that was before I found that you are the sponsor here.)
    Unfortunately once I placed an order and got the items - it was wrong. Looks like the part number I got was ending in 1799 and I think for my 2014 1794 I need 1800 (correct me if I am wrong).
    on these mirrors the powerfold requires wiring and also BSM, clearance lights and power fold don't work.

    I've heard a lot of good things about you and wondering if you
    please could help me.
    my order number is 2DQB14BAXPX
    my zip code is 98071
    my name is Paul Osmak and my cell number is 206-786-6973

    Thank you.
    jfox ·

    Can you please send me pricing to 17901 for Tow Mirrors with BSM, Power Fold with the harness (as my Limited currently does not have this option).

    Jake ·
    Hi Paul, Sorry just noticed this. Yes they would be plug and play as long as all of the options match to what you currently have. We currently do not have a discount code or a promo code.

    Thank you for asking,
    HI Tony,

    I see the power fold towing mirrors are back in stock. I have a 2007 Limited Crewmax with folding sport mirrors. Will these plug and play? Also, is there a forum discount when ordering these?


    Paul P.

    tlpru ·
    hey tony,

    I'm new to forum...... have a 2016 trd pro.... going to add power mirrors... don't currently need Tow mirrors, just replacing factory.... whats best price ?

    superwhite ·
    I bought a set of your Tundra mirrors and the top tip sticks out rather than hugs the door. Have you heard if this is common?
    crazynelsons ·
    Hello Tony,
    I'm wondering if these are Auto Dimming as well?
    If they are I will buy them.

    2014 Toyota Tundra Power Heated Signal Towing Telescoping Mirror Pair at 1A

    Mike Hickman ·
    I have a 2012 SR5 TRD power head sport mirrors now .
    Will you match this ebay price for the tow mirrors ?

    New Power Towing Heated Signal Mirrors Pair for 07 14 Toyota Tundra Pickup Truck | eBay
    gossemer75 ·
    Hey Tony, I actually just received the mirrors today... I did receive an email that day with a tracking number... I'm glad I ordered from you guys because you guys had a better warranty and what I didn't realize until later is you guys are based out Mass. which is good....
    gossemer75 ·
    Hello, I just ordered a set of your tow mirrors for my '09 tundra from your site... My order went thru at 5:08, is there any chance it would be shipped today??
    -Derek Jacobsen
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