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Originally Posted by charlier View Post
Recently I have been shopping for new tires for my Tundra. For me it was not mileage (34K) but the age (8 years & sun aging the tires). When I mounted the tires a few weeks ago I noticed small cracks in the sidewalls ear the edge of the tires. Since my Tundra is too big for my garage it sits outside all the time so the sun has aged the tires. I have a couple towing trips this year so it was time to replace the tires.

I have a set of snow tires on dedicated rims and do not off road so I was looking for a more highway friendly tire. The original Michelins that came with my Tundra performed well and were not overly noisy at highway speeds so I decided on them.

The big surprise I found when price shopping was that my local Toyota Dealer actually had the lowest price on these tires even when compared to sellers like TireRack (ie $125 less for 4 tires). Here in the region where I live (Eastern Pennsylvania), Toyota Dealers runs a deal (during April) when you buy 3 tires at the regular price you get the 4th tire for $1 (as long as the tires are for a Toyota). My purchase also qualifies for the Michelin $70 rebate on these tires.

FYI, the new Michelins have the same 112T load rating as the original tires had. Strange thing is the new tires have a higher max PSI rating (7 lbs more at max load) than the old tires.

I also ordered a set of tire covers for my Tundra since it is not a daily driver except during winter weather. That should help delay the effects of the sun on the new tires like these covers do for my car trailer's tires.
We're Michelin customers for the past 40 years, they've never failed us. You might give Aerospace 303 a try on your tires. It certainly has a good rep for sun protection on black trim, weather strip and dash boards. My truck stays inside but it still gets a good dose of 303 every now and then!
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