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Originally Posted by TheDeepEnd View Post
I have same truck as you and I just put on AirRide bags with the wireless controller and compressor system. Couple things...your ride will change when empty...bouncy and a little stiffer. I have been playing around with pressure to find a sweet spot. So far 18 to 20 lbs seems good with no load. The other thing is if you are ever gonna want to go wheeling in the mud or thru water...forget about it. Putting the bags on means no more off roading. I confirmed this with AirRide, and I am willing to bet its the same with Firestone bags. I already pulled the trigger so I am still swallowing that pill of no mudding or creek surfing. Lastly there is a very limited placement for the compressor...mine ended up in the frame channel in the back drivers side. I am currently fabricating a sheet metal cover for the compressor and the modulator...both are exposed as hell back there. The bags are small and with the internal jounce they are even smaller before you bottom out on the bag. There just isn't much space. If I had it to do again I would throw a 3 inch lift on first, then get a taller bag so I have more travel. Overall I am glad to have the leveling capability, but I gave up so much. Do your own research but at least you can look at mine and see what your dealing with.
Good luck!!

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Originally Posted by mrmachinist View Post
If you still want to go off road, go with firestone bags and daystar cradles with at least an inch of lift from a shackle. This will give you the best of both worlds. The ride is slightly rougher unloaded, but I only keep 5psi when unloaded and I only feel it on large bumps.

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From the research I have done, Mrmachinist is correct. You can still offroad with the bags and it is best to equip them with daystar cradles. I have also heard that people like to run their bags at 5psi when unloaded. Not sure what you mean by an inch from a shackle.

@mrmachinist have you done much offroading with the bags? How are they holding up?
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