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Originally Posted by ViktorG View Post
Is it an aftermarket alarm?
Originally Posted by 1lowlife View Post
I think these guys may have something.
Is it an aftermarket alarm?

I think, the truck thinks the key is literally key in the ignition, even if it isn't.
Or maybe the truck thinks one of your doors aren't fully closed and it won't lock.

If you're not sure if you have an OEM or aftermarket alarm, take a pic of the key fob remote and post it.
Originally Posted by Geezer View Post
I don't know if this is true on all years and models, but if you have an alarm bell that rings when you forget the key in the ignition and open the door to get out then I would expect that alarm to ring if the truck mistakenly detects the key in the ignition.

Another thought, is it possible that the remote button is the problem? Maybe try to leave the remote you are using in the house far from the truck and use another remote.
I think the alarm is stock. When locking by fob, the truck does the high-pitch "beep" or "beep beep" when pushing the button once or twice respectively. When using the door switch to lock the doors the truck wont beep but will still lock then unlock.

When messing with the fob outside the truck, it did lock and unlocked back and forth a couple of time with only one press of the fob. It will do this periodically too. Upon internet research, I did see someone mention the door close sensor wasnt fully depressed. I checked the driver side sensors by pushing them in all the way with my finger with the same results. I need to check the passenger side. However I dont think it would lock and unlock multiple times if the door close sensor was the issue.

I'm at the office and will post a pic of the fob later today. I dont' know if its stock.

I heard there is a power lock relay. Should I check that? If so, where's it at?

I appreciate the tips. Keep 'em coming. I will tackle this problem eventually. Thanks guys!!!
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