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Originally Posted by halftondra View Post
And no one is for ILLEGAL immigration. It's just a reality that happens because people are so desperate to come to the US.

If you were truly concerned about illegal immigration then the focus wouldn't be on border crossings, but those who overstay their visas, which is about double those who cross the border. And of those caught crossing the border illegally, a percentage are coming back to the US, not arriving for the first time.

I guess it is how you look at illegal immigration. For many it is a black and white, law and order issue. For others it is a humanitarian issue. For still others, they represent a cheap form of labor to be exploited so that us Americans can enjoy relatively cheap produce, housing, gardening, restaurants, hotels etc...There are a ton of industries which rely on this source of income.

I don't much care about Pelosi and Schumer and for you to presume I do, tells me more about how you have bought into the tribal mentality that dominates political/policy discourse. You might not like them, but both have done a lot more to help this country than asshat Trump, who represents all that is lousy in human behavior. And I say that knowing that he has been a life long Democrat who just switched parties because those around him saw a split in the Republican party that he could exploit...with a little help from Putin of course. But I digress....

The doctor analogy is cute, but isn't accurate in this case. It would be more accurate if you had a big toe infection, but the doctor said he wanted to cut off your little toe and then charge you a million dollars to do it. That's a better analogy of what is going on. Or maybe, a better analogy would be that I ask the receptionist to do the diagnosis, since she works in the doctor's office, even though her training and her job have nothing to do with medicine.

What training do you do with the other agencies? Just because you work with people from an agency doesn't mean they are informed on the issue. It's a weak argument.

If you want some kind of protection against people coming across the southern border, first identify the significance of the problem accurately, then come up with a solution that will best deal with it. It isn't a physical wall, so say all the experts who study this in a non-partisan, policy first way.

It's funny to me how you view Schumer and Pelosi as these political beings who just don't want to give Trump a win, but you absolve Trump of the exact same thing. He needs a win and the wall was his big campaign promise. That's all well and good in the context of DC machinations, but to shut down the government over it, is the worst thing to do. IF he was so worried about drugs, MS13 and terrorists coming across the southern border, he wouldn't have knee capped the government who works to keep this stuff in check. We are at greater risk with Trump's stubbornness, not to mention what it actually does to American lives, credit and emotional well-being.

In fact, because of the shutdown, as I was driving up from San Diego, the normal place where you would stop to be checked out, is not manned at all. So how many people are finding their way further into the US? It's way more than zero that's for sure....

Simple answers to complex problems never work. This wall idea is as simple as it gets and it won't do squat to fix the real problem. Wake up and get beyond the easy hatred of Pelosi and Schumer, because that is exactly what the Repubs want you to feel to control you and get your vote so they can stay in power. And the Dems do the exact same thing....This country better find the middle fast before we disintegrate from the inside and it won't have darn thing to do with immigrants, terrorists or MS13.
I stopped reading after you called OUR President an "asshat", you7 clearly only listen to the liberal media. Tell me, what is it that you do for a living? Again, and this is the last time I will comment on this, the Border Patrol agents, the men and women on the front line dealing with this problem all say we need not only a wall but other means of protection as well.

Schumer and Pelosi both voted for a wall in the past, read that again, and again and again if need be, their hatred for Trump is the only thing stopping them.

In the very first week of the shutdown Trump asked Pelosi, "If I open the government now, will you consider a wall in two weeks" she said no. WHY would he want to open the government back up? He would lose all or any leverage he has.

Please tell us what Trump does to our credit, lives and emotional being lmao, My stocks are soaring and my credit is pretty dam good, and as for my "emotional well being", I honestly laugh and get tears in my eyes when I listen to these liberal panty wastes tell me they are hurt by a MAGA hat, or the MAGA hat is the new KKK hood lmao. You believe what CNN tells you, again I will listen to the pros, and this Government worker says BUILD THE WALL.
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