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Originally Posted by halftondra View Post
They want to come here because we are the best place in the world for people who don't have much to make something and provide for their families. And you'd likely do the same if you were in their shoes, but since you had the great fortune to be born in the US, it isn't something you'll ever have to worry about.

People are confusing asylum (asylee) with refugee. In our system a refugee seeks US protection/residency outside the US, while an asylee seeks it while they are in the US. So if you think about the Cubans who would get in boats so that they could put feet down in South Florida, those are asylees. If you think about Iraqis who helped the US in the Gulf War and are seeking to come to the US, those are refugees. I think I understand.

In terms of who you "trust", to simply adopt a group because they work in one small aspect of it, is a pretty weak way to make policy. They have their own experience and many times LEO are very narrow in their focus and what the issues are. There is a reason there are generals making the warplans and not the front line troops, to use an easy analogy. Do your own thinking for yourself. Don't adopt a policy based on who is saying it, what party is saying it, or if your friends who you train with and like to have beer with are saying it. Everyone should be responsible for coming to their own views and looking at all the evidence...it's called being an informed citizen.

If walls worked, I'd be all for them. But they don't and are a total waste of time and money and every time it's been tried, it's been proven to be. Under, around, over, through...all options are there for people who have nothing to lose and see the US as their only way of having a decent life for their kids.

Border security and interdiction are important and ta wall is a lousy way to do it. It's hard to believe that Repubs who used to be the fiscally responsible ones, would want to waste money on this. It shows how little political support they have and how Trump has been able to appeal whatever is left of the base that they don't stand up more against the wall, which they have previously never supported.
Im not confusing anything, I know the difference between asylum and refugees, please read up on it. You don't put stock in Border Patrols agents but listen to what Nancy Pelosy and Chuck Schumer are telling you? I work for the DOJ, I train with many different departments, they say we need a wall to help, believe what you want, if we use your thought process, when the Dr tells you you need an operation but you look to Google for advise.
Again EVERY member there now voted for this in the past, it is their hatred for Trump that's holding them back.
Last, NO ONE is against LEGAL immigration, not sure why that concept is so hard for people to understand?
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