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Rubber dash pad issue

Hey folks, New member. Anyway, I'm running into an issue. Beginning of August, brought my tundra in to have a quick detailing done inside right before my buddies wedding. The trained monkeys who did it, I swear they stood back with a garden hose charged with Armoral and went to town. Needless to say, anything rubber, is just straight up gross, and slick. Including the rubber pad on the top/center of the dash... where I keep my sunglasses that won't fit in the glasses compartment. Since then, every time I corner, my $150 sunglasses end up in the sand on the floormats because they will not stay put anymore. I've tried multiple things, including SUBMERGING the pad in Isopropyl Alcohol to get rid of the stupid Armoral. I've also tried paint thinner, and engine degreaser, both to no avail. Does anyone have a suggestion as to what I can use to get the rubber back to the way it was, just "sticky enough" to keep my sunglasses from sliding all over the place? LOL.

Thanks in advance!
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