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Do the 5100 or the spindle, not both.

If you like the way your truck rides with the stock shocks, do the spindle.
If you'd like a firmer ride, go with a leveling shock.

If you're concerned with flexing and rigidity, look into the 6112 front shock.
Just google 5100 vs 6112.

Also if you want a beefier shackle, look into Coachbuiler shackles.
The coachbuilder are made to a specific height setting.

Coachbuilder Shackles - DIRTY DEEDS INDUSTRIES

The Toytecs give you an option of 1" or 1.5"


Do the front and then determine if you want to lift the rear.
Replacing the shackles is fair easy and even the Toytecs are beefier than the stock shackle.
Link to my install..


Contact Keith at @dirtydeeds
He will be more than happy to discuss your options with you.
A phone call is the best way to get a hold of him.
He also makes the best Tundra exhaust systems available.


Phone: 760-877-4234 | M-F 9am-5pm PST
Email: [email protected]

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