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I would try washing it first, by hand. Use one of those special sponges that looks like it has mesh or netting on it, they are commonly used to remove bug debris/bug splatters from the from end(hand wash, not car wash). That and a little bit of liquid soap, mild liquid soap. If that didn't work then you can always try WD-40 and a clean microfiber cloth, you might be surprised at how well WD-40 works, it will not remove any clear-coat and is a safe product to use almost anywhere. After that if there are no results you can try wax, I have used a combination of WD-40 and wax to remove things like those pesky "caution" stickers that they slap all over a motorcycle. Then step up to the polishing compound. If the polishing compound shows some success then I would proceed with that. If it doesn't do anything then the next step may be a rubbing compound. You need to know what you are doing before you just grab and start rubbing around with this stuff. Rubbing compound will remove clear-coat, paint, primer, take it on down to bare metal if you stay after it, and not implying that you would, but just letting you know how much more powerful it is than polishing compound.

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