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For your seats @hessler , you would probably have more success with a dedicated foaming shampoo style auto upholstery cleaner. Multi-Surface Cleaner sounds like something for wiping hard surfaces, like the "Method" all-purpose cleaner my wife buys at Target.

For other readers, "303" is a brand of products. I'm most familiar with "303 Aerospace Protectant" for "vinyl, rubber, plastic, fiberglass, and leather". It's intended to prevent UV deterioration, and my experience was that it was an excellent product, keeping rubber weatherstrips and plastic trim looking new for years. The only negative was that after a few years, "Aerospace Protectant" degrades into a resilient white film on your weatherstrips; this film can be removed with thorough cleaning and re-application. This particular product, "303 Aerospace Protectant", is not intended for, nor should it be used on, cloth upholstery.
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