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Originally Posted by drivensite View Post
Looking to try paint correction out on my Tundra for the first time. I've never done it before and have been reading up a lot on different products. Considering I will only be using on my two vehicles and maybe a friend's vehicle once in a while I was wondering if the Griot's Garage 6" Random Orbital Polisher or Meguiars Dual Action Polisher G110v2 were good enough for my needs vs. something higher priced like the Flex XC3401. I've done everything else before (wash, clay, polish, wax, sealant) by hand and now want to take the next step. Thanks in advance for any advice.

Yeah, no need for a Flex if you're just playing around on your own cars. Save that baby for later.

In my opinion the new Griots 6" DA is the best DA out right now. I'd go with that and be done with it. You should feel no need to have to upgrade from the Griots. It's a much better machine than the PC 7424xp. Much more power and way less vibration. Comes in a 10 foot cord model and a 25 foot corded model....way cool. I have the 10 foot model and I love it. All my pads work perfect with it. I use 5.5" Über and Lake Country pads with it, as well as Optimum microfiber pads.

If its your first DA, I'd recommend getting a good start on pads too. Two of each of the main colors will be good to get you rolling. Two yellow, two orange, two white and two red (Lake Country colors). Although, orange will more than likely be your most used color from LC.

Good luck, it's gonna be fun.
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