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Originally Posted by Cisko213 View Post
I got it, not really impressed with it. I still see scratches here and there and they claim no scratches at all. I do get compliments about how clean it always looks.
I'm also looking for better technology on paint protection beyond sealants, and found the video below.

Ceramic coating can be done yourself, but correct preparation is complicated, extensive, and labor intensive. A comment on the video asked if this was a full day job...at my age, it would take me all week, if I finished it at all. I can understand why someone would pay to have this done for them.

One other comment...If you have pre-existing defects like swirl marks or scratches from washing, they have to be polished out using a DA polisher and compound (moderate or worse) or polish (light) before applying the ceramic. Ceramic is simply protection; it won't remove or hide pre-existing defects.

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