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WOULDN'T YA KNOW...I was just finishing up my truck last night and grabbed a freshly washed microfiber towel and began polishing the hood. Something as hard as concrete was embedded on towel and put some deep scratches in the top coat. I had to stop immediately and grab the Torq 10FX buffer, an orange pad and V34 buffer compound from Chemical Guys. A few moments later after using CG's M Sealer everything came out pretty good. I have no before pics but the one below is the final pic of the hood.

Do yourself a favor and don't use that cheap crap from the auto parts store. If you want to detail your truck properly, it's sometimes a 5 or 6 step process depending on how bad your paint is. Look closely at your paint job after using Mcguires or Turtle Wax and you'll definitely see swirls in your topcoat. This is called micro marring and can easily be removed, but it's not a one step and done method - Believe me!

The pic of my truck below was the result of the following:

TORQ 10FX rotary buffer
1. Power wash truck and use super soaker
2. Clay bar to remove contaminates
3 Rotary Buff with V36 buffing compound and Orange pad
4. Rotary buff with V38 Finishing polish and White pad
5. M Seal with hand applicator
6 Rotary buff black pad and black wax
7 Hypbrid V7 to lock in shine and upkeep after washing

Scratch as best as I can pick it up

Still looks good after original detail (no micro marring)

After original detail
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