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Originally Posted by MrMax View Post
Ordered the complete kit for my 5.7 FFV late last year during the Black Friday Sale and finally found the time to do the install last week.

My thoughts...
First...it took two full days by myself and having a couple of friends drop by simply to help with the heavy step of lifting and setting the unit in the engine bay. Could I have done it quicker...yes, but I am pretty methodical and double/triple check every thing when doing jobs similar to this.

Second...Every component in this kit is quality down to the nuts, bolts, zip ties and nylon sleeves for the hoses etc...and the instructions are comprehensive and complete covering every step along the way.

Third...The Bully Dog while not my tuner of choice, updated and installed the ECU tune with no issues and the truck runs great. Using the Gauges feature on the BD and my racing buddies LM-2 for AFR ratio's everything looks Happy fuel and timing related.

As i drive the truck more, I will pay more attention to how the transmission shifts under different circumstances and report back. My first impression is that the truck drives much like it did stock, until it starts to make boost and puts you back into the seat

I Added the SC mostly to enhance the already impressive towing ability of the truck, as this is primarily my tow rig(see sig). The added performance and ability to surprise a few cars is just a bonus. That said, if I really want to get out and raise a little hell I pull the Shelby out of the garage

I would purchase and install this again without a second thought.

Glad to hear some good feedback. MAG SC and BD Tuner is being installed on my 2017 FFV tomorrow. Were did you end up installing the BD Tuner if you don't mind me asking?
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