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Originally Posted by Dixon Cider View Post
According to some searching on the forum, the code you are receiving may be from the VSC sensor. https://www.tundratalk.net/forums/tun...-problems.html. Do you have a lift on your truck?
No lift and just stock 20's and winter tires. I've unplugged it over night now we will see in the morning. I'll update here what I find. Might have to take this one to the dealer ��

I should mention the dome lights don't work either unless key is in on position. Factory remote won't open or lock doors there has to be power to the truck with key. Once I have that everything is as normal besides the dash lights on. I'll do some reading on vsc. I'm wondering if the vsc ecu is damaged Mabey? Does that ecu control airbag as well? And why no power to locks or dome lights or auto-retracting steering wheel with key off/out? These are some questions I hope to figure out. Because everything is fine function wise with key on so it can't be damaged to that extent. Mabey I damaged a few ecus. I don't know how as the LED Bulbs were very simple direct plug in. I've read Toyotas don't have an actual ground in the headlight circuit wires to bulb, so Mabey I shorted something with that LED bulb and ballast and the fuses didn't protect it? Lol sorry just late night rambling here!

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