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TRD Pro exhaust installed....I like it!

after much back and forth over which exhaust to buy I finally settled on the TRD for my '17 CM. I really like the sound of the BA mufflers in videos I've seen but ultimately at 44 yrs old I can't be having constant noise. So far only drove about 5 miles to work with it today but very happy. quiet at cruise but a very nice sound when you get into it! install was done solo and really wasn't bad. helped that my truck only has about 3400 miles on it. had to lower tire (so that's how that works!) to get second pipe in but otherwise pretty uneventful install. i'll be tweaking the tailpipes a bit as they are not even and that would've been avoided if i'd had my son there to help.

and boy did she smoke! got to a stop light a few miles from home and it really looked like my truck was on fire! smoke EVERYWHERE! not a pleasant smell either. best to keep windows up until she's burned in all the way.

undoubtedly my MPG are going to go in the toilet for a while as it sounds niiiiice when you get on it.

overall very happy with it so far. hoping to do pro lights and grill this spring.
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